Intel Parallel Studio XE, Windows

From the courses of this track, you will learn how to get started with the tools in Intel Parallel Studio XE for Windows. The courses feature hands-on exercises that guide you through the usage of
– Intel C++ compiler and Intel Fortran compiler for automatic vectorization and other optimization techniques
– Application Performance Snapshot for single-shot analysis of the nature of the application
– Intel VTune Amplifier XE for hardware event analysis in your computational application
– Intel Advisor for thread parallelism prototyping, vectorization analysis, and roofline modeling

System requirements:
– A computer based on a multi-core Intel 64 architecture processor (Intel Core, Intel Xeon)
– 32 GB of free drive space
– 2 GB RAM minimum
– Microsoft Windows 7 or newer
– Administrative privileges in the OS are required for some of the functionality

This track uses Intel Parallel Studio XE 2018 for demonstrations.

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